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Emily is an expert in historical details, someone who cares deeply about creating architecturally appropriate solutions. In her specialty, window restoration, she is unrivaled in the region. Recently, we were renovating a Queen Anne Victorian, which Emily outfitted with a full set of perfect storm windows. They were crafted, delivered and installed, on schedule, and without incident. The windows won the highest praise from our client.
Michael Whitman
Quatrefoil Inc.
When my husband and I bought our farm house we were told it was built in 1790 and Dutch. Then Emily Majer began poking around in our cellar and attic to look at its “bones.” What she discovered was that the house is primarily Palatine (German), with some Dutch and English influences.
After her physical inspection Emily dug through land records in Poughkeepsie and was able to show us where our land fit into the original Little Nine Partners Patent, how it was farmed, and who some of the early owners were. She also found out that it was at least a generation older than we thought, dating to 1750-1760. She recorded all this in her final report, which we cherish and have been able to share with the previous owners and the ones before them. We are all adding photos to it and will pass it along to the next owners. The process has made us proud to have played a little part in the history of this humble but remarkable structure.
Diane and Jim Goetz
Emily Majer’s dedication to historical preservation is palpable. Her depth of knowledge is evident in project communications and informal discussions. She is someone I consult with confidence when working on a project that demands the highest level of historical accuracy and sensitivity. I recommend her highly!
Kathryn Whitman AIA, LEED AP
Kathryn Whitman Architecture